By the Grace of God…

I finally figured out what to do about my character dilemma: I WILL USE THEM BOTH AS MAIN CHARACTERS!!!!

It took the last couple hours to work it out, but I got it. I got it. I GOT IT!!!! I just want to scream it to the mountain tops!!!!!!

……there’s no mountains in Anaheim, though….

It was called Caramel Teardrops, but ive since changed the name…i will tell you guys as it gets closer to the finish! =)

OMGEE I love it!!!! =) Thank God!

Ok, I thought I’d leave you guys with that for now. It’s already after 1am and I need to wake up for 6 tomorrow…today.

I do have a question, though. At what point do you put a preview or snippet of your chapters? Should I wait until after it’s edited and everything? Do I do it now when it’s in the beginning stages so that others can review and tell me what they think? Please advise!

Sorry if I bore you guys with this process and constantly write about it. lol. My other “friends” (some are actually my friends- I’m just being bitter right now) don’t seem to have much time for me and my book these days, so I have to take it to the net.

Ok, but really, good night everyone. Thanks for reading! 😉 (I hope you did!)
May God Bless You All,

PS: I realized I am a colossal idiot. lol. So in part of the story, the daughter gets taken away from the mother bc she develops a mental illness. Here I am, googling like there’s no tomorrow when it hits me: MY MOM IS A SOCIAL WORKER! I COULD JUST ASK HER!!!! lol. I swear I was a blonde either in heaven or in the womb because that there was blonde moment! Lol. Good night everyone!


What do you do when you fall in love with a character that wasn’t intended to be the main character?

Hey guys!
I’m having a total dilemma here! So here’s what the book was SUPPOSED to be about:

A girl name Felicity whose parents, Layla and Charlie, both died from drug use. She went to a foster home and was abused by her foster dad, got pregnant at 17, started doing hardcore drugs and prostitution, kid got taken away, got pregnant again so got off drugs, life starts getting rough so gets back on drugs, and that kid gets taken away too. Then when everything comes to head, she finds God.

What it’s becoming:

Layla and Charlie fall in love, get married, and have a child. Charlie is an alcoholic which leads to their child dying, they go to counseling, he gets better, they have another child, Felicity, but then Charlie starts drinking again and it leads to drug use. Charlie dies and Layla gets into drugs so Felicity gets taken away, she continues drug use, prostitution, has another kid that gets taken away. When everything comes to head, she find God.

=( I’m so confused as to where I want  to go with it. Originally, this was loosely based off a friend, Felicity, but now, I’m really loving Layla’s character. What to do???

Has anyone been in this position? If so, what did you do? If not, what would you do?
May God Bless You All!


First Time Blogger

Ok…not really….but does when I was 15 and knew nothing about anything count?

My name is Tori. Currently I am in the midst of writing a book, so I’m in my networking/I still know nothing about anything stage and I’m just trying to find like minded people, preferably those who know what they’re doing on these kind of things. I, even, just opened a Twitter account…I haven’t the slightest idea what all the hoopla is about, but I did it anyway.

Anyway, I’m a fairly random person and I love to talk and meet new people. I hope that I can keep this blogging thing up. I hear it’s the bees knees.

But anyway, whoever is out there and happens to be reading this- it’s time for sleep. I have a bunch of things to do in the AM. Thanks for taking the time to read my beginner’s post and I hope I can tell you guys some interesting things and make new acquaintances. =)

May God Bless You!