Life is Irritating…

Hey blog world,


Life can be so mean! ugh! this week has been so full of emotional setbacks that I haven’t had the kind of time I need to work on my book. I’ve been on chapter 3 for about a week and some change. I JUST finished this evening and I’m about to write chp 4. I’m hoping that I can finish this portion (which are chp 1-8 or 9) so I can work on the second part. This is a three parter in one book- one part is about Layla, the second part is about Felicity, and the third part is their reunion. I am so excited to get to that part, but it’s almost like it’s taking so long to get there.


I, also, want to read a couple folks blogs but this week has just been so dang hectic. ugh! I’m just thankful to God that it is a new week. I’m praying everything works out for me by the end of this week because I could be out of a place to stay. Then I’d be a starving artist for real! lol. =(


Total side note- I’m listening to Pandora right now (which is entirely too loud, but I don’t have a regular remote for my t.v., so I can’t turn it down w/out getting up and I am quite comfy) and I am just so dang tired of Beyonce. She’s not even that great. She’s cool, I can’t hate on her, but seriously, I wish she would just be quiet already. Retire or something. Be a full time mom and let us be. IDK, this is just how I feel. lol.


Ok, ok, time to stop procrastinating. It’s time to get to chp 4 and wishful thinking, I can even do chp 5 tonight. Let’s see. Later folks! Have a blessed week! ❤


May God Bless You All,



2 thoughts on “Life is Irritating…

  1. This made me nod in understanding, say a prayer in your behalf, offer a sly smile, then wish a blessed week for you too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; hopefully cooler weather will find us both! 🙂

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