Writing and Stress- Not a Bad Combo

Hey all!


So I finally finished the 4th chapter- something I’ve been working on for like 3 days. I would either get too sleepy to write or I just wouldn’t have anything to say. But honestly, I’ve been so stressed out over my financial situation that when I do write, I get lost in it, just like if I was reading a book. I’m fasting and praying, hoping and believing that things will work out by tomorrow (rent day). >_<


I have never been through this kind of hardship before, you know. It’s just so….much. So much. I am barely coping honestly. But thank God I have been writing because when I actually do, I find myself completely engrossed in it.


Engrossed….that’s a word I feel I should use in chapter 5. I will make a point to do so.


Sigh….I’m trying to put all my trust and faith in God, you know? I don’t know what anyone else’s beliefs are, but from the Bible and science, we can understand we’re living in the last days. Therefore, I know Satan is just pissy that his time is short so he’s messing with me…it’s quite irritating, let me tell you. But if he’s anything at all, he’s consistent…I’ll give him that…the bastard…


Anyway, other than my life crumpling around me, I’m becoming very proud of my book. Actually because of all the pain going on in my life, it allowed me to write an extremely dramatic scene to end chapter 4. I’m pretty excited for my team (aka my HS besties) to read it and let me know what I should add or take away.


I hope everyone else’s life is doing better than mine. =) Though misery loves company, I do pray for everyone to be doing better than I am. Through your good fortune that God blesses you with, I can be encouraged. I love you all!


May God Bless You!



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