Stop Wishing Me Happy Holidays!!!! >-(

Hey blog world,

Haven’t written in awhile, I know. I actually planned on writing tomorrow when I started working on my book again, but I just am a little irritated right now.

Why, oh why, do you (directed towards anyone who does this) continue to wish my a happy w/e when you know for the past 3yrs I haven’t celebrated anything other than my birthday???? like i don’t understand…what is so difficult to grasp about it? just because most of society keeps Sunday worship or Thanksgiving or Christmas, NONE of which are Biblical, that means I have to? Excuse me???

I don’t impose my beliefs on anyone, you know? I tell you what it is, especially if you ask me because anything that I say that have to do with holidays is historically based. The last book of the Bible (Revelation) was written between 95-106AD- any kind of thing that came after that is NOT Biblical. It just isn’t. I’m sorry if you feel like since many people have been going to church on sundays for thousands of yrs now or keeping christmas or things like that, but it has NOTHING to do with the true God. The Bible even says that there are two Jesuses- there’s THE Jesus and A Jesus that people make up. Christmas, Sunday, communion, etc are from A JESUS, not THE JESUS. THE JESUS kept Saturday worship. THE JESUS kept the Passover and the other six feasts that God put into place from the Old Testament to the New Testament. THE JESUS told His disciples to do the things He did and the early Christians did just that- they kept the Sabbath Day on Saturday, the kept Passover and the other feasts. They did the things just as Jesus commanded them. The only reason these laws were changed (Sunday, communion, Easter) was because the Roman Catholic Church teamed up with the Romans during the Dark Ages and anyone who didn’t do as they commanded were completely slaughtered.

I’m sorry but just because YOU say it’s right bc of whatever reason you’d like to justify DOESN’T MEAN IT IS!!!! Black is black and white is white- don’t try to convince me it’s purple! The problem is, people do things because it’s convenient for them or because for so many generations they did it another way and that’s fine. Your salvation is just that- yours. And mine is mine, but I’m not going to base my salvation on falsehood and lies. I’m sorry but I won’t.

And just like you don’t want to listen to me, even though what I say is true, don’t expect me to listen to your lies. I’m sorry to call it that, but Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Sunday worship, cross reverence, communion, and ANYTHING else you can think of is FAKE and I WILL NOT celebrate it, so PLEASE STOP SAYING HAPPY WHATEVER!!!!!

::rant complete::



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