First Time Blogger

Ok…not really….but does when I was 15 and knew nothing about anything count?

My name is Tori. Currently I am in the midst of writing a book, so I’m in my networking/I still know nothing about anything stage and I’m just trying to find like minded people, preferably those who know what they’re doing on these kind of things. I, even, just opened a Twitter account…I haven’t the slightest idea what all the hoopla is about, but I did it anyway.

Anyway, I’m a fairly random person and I love to talk and meet new people. I hope that I can keep this blogging thing up. I hear it’s the bees knees.

But anyway, whoever is out there and happens to be reading this- it’s time for sleep. I have a bunch of things to do in the AM. Thanks for taking the time to read my beginner’s post and I hope I can tell you guys some interesting things and make new acquaintances. =)

May God Bless You!